Get away from it all

This video represents my mindset more and more in relation to wanting things to be simple. I think there is a misconception with “back to the land” or even folks like us who are far from that(at this point) that it’s anti social or escapist. It’s really about connecting with others even more on a deeper level. You can go to a city and be around throngs of people but not really have any connection with any of them. Heads down, no one saying hello and people hooked to their phones. Getting back to a simpler way is really about connection with authenticity. To have an authentic experience means all non needed fluff is taken away and things are pared down to the basics whether that means a deep conversation or carving a wooden spoon from a branch of a tree that you cut yourself.

Check out the video and feel free to hit us back with your thoughts on simplicity and what you might be doing to nurture it or invite it back in to your life. Yes back in your life..we come out of the womb with pure innocence and  as zen minimalists who are really just engaged in the experience of the moment. Don’t forget it.



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  1. Jane Coffey says:

    love this video! thank you for the important reminder! xoxox

    1. You got it Jane, thank you for the feedback!

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