Move with Mocean365

“Mocean365 is dedicated to guiding outdoor movement and adventure experiences, producing physical movement opportunities as well as advocating for positive social change to physical movement and adventure culture worldwide.”

Mocean365 is a skills  and awareness-based movement system practiced outdoors whenever possible. It is a hybrid system that borrows from many practices from martial arts to traditional functional training, physical labor, natural movement, parkour, ancient strongman culture and much more.  It is also based on educating others on how to create their own movement practice we take a very DIY approach. We also look at our genetic heritage and potential and try to hone those natural skills so we can maximize our usefulness and in turn,  the amount of fun we have!




Who is Mocean365 for?

Outliers and those who may not fit into the confines of traditional exercise or fitness models. We have a strong DIY ethic so we appeal to those who want to do lots of work/play on their own. We have a specialization working with those who are in the trades or physical jobs as that is a huge part of our background and always will be.  It is also a great choice for people who work inside daily but shred outside as much as possible and want to stay as injury free as possible. Mocean365 is a great choice for those who work and play in the outdoors or those who wish to do so more and are 100% no BS committed to living a dynamic life.


Who is it Not For?

Those not committed 100% to living to their personal fullest potential. If you are looking to “Lose Weight” or “Feel Good”,  or “get some fresh air ,  or “do outdoor gym”, then we might Not be the best choice now. Those aren’t bad things, it is just not our focus or specialty.


Why do i need to apply or be pre-approved?

One thing is for sure is that we at Mocean365 do not align with the mainstream exercise/fitness industry. We have trained hundreds of people over the years within that realm and we have also seen that it is a system based on attrition and the fact that it is rare that anyone actually sticks with their training. We meet with everyone ahead of time and discuss where they want to get to and if we are the right choice. This initial consultation is free of course.

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Is it only done outside? Why? Bad weather? What if i get cold/wet/hot etc?!

There are numerous studies linking the outdoors with positive health benefits. There are numerous studies linking modern sedentary lives having negative health effects and even lowering life expectancy. Modern technology has given rise to magical materials in the form of clothing that can mostly guarantee our comfort in all climates. No bad days, only bad clothing choices.



What sessions/classes does Mocean365 offer?

                                    Mocean FUNdamentals

Everyone takes these skill sessions initially where we really break down movement skills from breathing to ground movements and much more. In FUNdamentals we say, “Attempts not Reps”. Like all sessions, levels of challenge vary based upon the participants.

imagesMountain Bike specific sessions helping you off and on the bike.  We often will use our bikes in sessions and do circuit type intervals coupled with off the bike challenges. A great way to build bike/body rapport!

1_Primary_logo_on_transparent_256MoceanFit is a very dynamic session that is geared for those who work and/or play outside and are looking to really challenge themselves.

1_Primary_logo_1024The Steel Mace is one of our favorite tools and in these sessions we work with the maces for at least 50% of the time. The rest we focus on bodyweight or lightly weighted movements to build upon our steel mace practice.

How will Practicing Mocean365 Help me with my life?

While a lofty goal, we have seen and continue to see numerous stories of people changing their lives for the better by practicing. Since we focus heavily upon powerful breathing and body awareness and positioning, these often have immediate tangible results. Long term practice has helped middle age surfers perform better than ever, seen people tackle challenges never thought possible and improve various areas of their lives. We are merely the guides and are not Gurus or claim to be such so it is all ultimately up to each person. Feel free to see our ever growing testimonial section here.

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Give us feedback good or bad we want to hear it!

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