We work hard and love to hear feedback from all of you!

    “As founder of Seek Your Bliss NOW! Skye is extremely skilled at pulling people together at the grassroots level and building a diverse team of many different interests and backgrounds to work together to further the mission. He is an incredible mentor, trainer, therapist, life coach and constant source of inspiration, who has the unique ability to see through people and the good they have to offer this world and is relentless in his efforts in encouraging people to seek out their passions, living minimally and maximizing bliss!”    Jenifer Grant-Lyndonville, VT
    “I have worked with Skye on many projects from Photography to Race and Cycling events as well as we are both part of my Production of the “Northeast MTB Report” an online and Broadcast TV show. Skye has acted in many facets in the production from the Host, reporter as well as field reporting and is part of the production team planning show segments and has produce many segments of his own for the show. Skye has a great work ethic and is a trusted colleague and will continue to work with him on projects etc. I also feel he is one heck of a great person.” Dan McDonald- Manchester, NH
    “Skye is a great trainer. I’ve learned so much from both Skye and Meg, about movement, bike skills, attitude, fueling my body and how to approach things. Even though it’s been a while, I still hear Skye’s voice supporting, encouraging and instructing as I’m biking, skiing, racing, whatever… Highly recommend working with Skye if you have the opportunity.”             Shelly Noyes-East Burke, VT
    “Skye is one of the hardest working people I know – but in the most zen way possible. His dogged persistance of improvement is enviable and his love of life is inspiring. Generous and integrity are the two words that jump to mind when I think of Skye.” Keith Demanche-Portsmouth, NH
    “Skye is an all around outdoor enthusiast with the rare talent of knowing the difference between the personal aspect of outdoor sports and the business aspect of building a brand. There are very few individuals in this market who have the level of integrity and professionalism as Skye. 100% pleasure to work with and will continue to work with.”       Andrew Ghezzi-Boston, MA
    “Skye is a committed individual with a passion for movement, action, sport, photo, video, product testing, and training. His energy is very positive and he is driven to perfection. It is my pleasure to recommend him!”  Hunter Joslin, Owner-Indo Boards
    “What can I say about Skye? We seed product to a lot of athletes for feedback here at Pro-Tec, but none have come back with as much feedback as he does. We receive constant, well-written and detailed updates with photos showing all of the wear put on our products, along with suggestions on how to improve them. I’ve also had the opportunity at a past company to work with Skye as a photographer, and he was always able to provide quality shots of riders whenever we needed them. He’s a man with integrity, and I would highly recommend him.”    Adam Blauer- Boston, MA
    “Skye is knowledgable, enthusiastic, innovative and fun. He brought workout ideas to my team that were simple, yet powerful, and held the attention of teenagers while leaving them wanting more. He’s inspirational in his vision of life and an influence to anyone that comes in contact with him. I’ve known Skye for a few years and will never hesitate about bringing him in to inspire and share his passion; his infectious drive makes him an asset to anyone he works with.”  Sara Maffei-NH